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Call to place your order, as each bear is custom made from the cloth of your choice.

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Package your clothing items along with payment and send them to the address we provide for you.

Receive Your Bear

Based on your choices, we will give an estimated "birth date" of your brand new, bouncing baby bear.
Connie Lineberry’s Original Keepsake Teddy Bears are fashioned out of your choice of material. Using your late grandmother’s favorite dress, your father’s military uniform, or your child’s baby clothes, each bear is designed to wear the very clothes it is made from. The bears are hand-made in Connie’s home, and sent to you with a hand-written note with the bear’s “date of birth” and what it was made of. Each bear is unique, and the source of fond memories.
// Prices vary based on size and material.

How To Order

To order, call (919) 742-5446


Small Bear — $25
Medium Bear — $35
Large Bear — $50

* Genuine Fur, Leather, or other special fabrics are double in price for each size.

Once I warmed the body, now I warm the heart.

— The Original Keepsake Bears

How It Began

People often ask how The Original Keepsake Teddy Bears began. I have two beautiful daughters who, at the ages of 10 and 14, wanted to collect old teddy bears. I agreed, but soon learned that many old bears were expensive and simply not within our budget.

Wanting to please my girls, I decided to make a bear from something old. I began with an old woolen coat from our family to create the first bear, and I dressed it in the clothes which my girls had worn home from the hospital after birth.

The girls loved the bears and showed them off to family and friends. One friend asked me to make a bear from her late father’s overcoat, and another from a fur coat from her mother. That began The Original Keepsake Teddy Bears.

That day in 1984 started an unexpected adventure in my life. I thank my Lord and Savior for my work and all the wonderful people I have met over the years. Having made will over 19,000 bears now, I still find it satisfying to finish each order and pray it will bring joy to the recipient. If so, then I consider it well worthwhile.

I must sign off for now. More bears await in the den.

— Connie Lineberry,
The Bear Lady


Memories are made of this.

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